For your information, the following are details of our seasons and worker requirements:

Oct-Nov    Orchard and vineyard thinning (medium demand for workers)

Dec-Feb    Cherries and other stone fruit harvests, packhouse positions, general vineyard positions (high demand for workers during January, mid demand during February)

Mar-April    Apple and grape harvest, packhouse positions (medium demand April)

May – Sep    Winter pruning on both orchards and vineyards (low demand, experience usually needed)

Pay Rates: Vineyards generally pay an hourly rate, depending on what job is being done. The current NZ minimum wage is $20.00 + 8% holiday pay.  In most cases during orchard harvest times you could expect to be paid on contract rates – i.e. you will be paid for the quantity you pick/pack.

Accommodation:  Vineyards do not provide onsite accommodation – workers are required to find their own place to stay in the local backpackers or camping grounds. Some orchards provide on-site housing, but this should not be relied on due to high demand.

Transport:  Vineyards do not provide transport, so having your own car or van is preferable. Some of the larger properties will ask for people with transport only – this is due to their location and the need to move location during the day. At harvest time some orchards provide transport to and from work, but again, this should not be relied upon – having your own car or van is an advantage.

Requirements:  You need a New Zealand bank account and an IRD tax number before you begin work.  We are able to assist with applications for IRD numbers at our office. We can have your number for you within 48 hours and we charge $20 for this service or you can apply at any IRD office in the main centres for no cost.  Also, you must have a work visa to legally work in any jobs that we place you at – if required please take a look at the Immigration website for more information.